Auto Engage the wah...DONE!!!!

  • A2

    VIdeo proof of this mysterious cryptid:

    We created a plugin for JSFX that will take a CC, assign a new CC to it and allow you to tell the new CC when to fire.

    For instance in this case, CC 27 comes in, and thru the plugin to control the wah pedal. The plugin also creates CC28 which will fire if the wah pedal goes above value ten, and will not output anymore values until the wah goes back below ten, at which time it will fire the signal to turn the wah off

    But wait, there's more! We added a hysteresis control, to change the on and off threshold for the wah, to help prevent unintended turning off of the wah when you are rocking the pedal, in this case, I have set it to 5 below, so now in order to turn the wah off, you need to pull the wah back to value 4

    And more: There is a dwell time, which is the minimum you have to spend at value 4 or below, before it decides you really wanted to turn it off....Hello crazy Electric Company theme song!

    And if you act now....I also have a script to send an off value to the wah upon any patch change, so that the wah is off when I come back to that can set it or not, works either way.

    For now it requires this JSFX plugin

    But hopefully this plugin will be in future versions of ReaPack