Bias FX2 Latest update changed my presets in my DAW

  • I had Bias FX2 Elite Older version 2.1.9 something...I decided I would install the latest update as of 9/26/2020 I am using Windows 8 64bit and Studio One Pro. To my surprise after the update all of the amps and settings for the older version of Bias FX2 in all my songs changed to the same POP default amp! There was one question after opening the software in Studio one. it said preset must update OK Yes or No? I figured Yes update the presets I guess I should have said No? I figured it would update the software but retain my settings I already had in Studio One. To my horror they were all gone. I wish I would have saved each one but I back up all my songs and never thought this could happen. I have spent a lot of time trying to remember and find the sounds i had. One song in particular the guitar sound was perfect and so far I cannot recreate it exactly. luckily I already mastered the song I will be very afraid to update in the future. I tried uninstalling and doing system restore and it did not work. I have now been writing down and saving each preset I create as a backup. There should be a warning that your song could get destroyed if updating! I highly recommend before updating your software you write down the settings and save your presets for your songs in Bias FX 2 not just your DAW.