Tones just don’t change through the app

  • Has anyone else found that the app is completely useless at changing tones? It doesn’t matter if it’s a preset, one downloaded from the tone cloud or one I’ve made myself, I can click to load the tone but it does nothing at all. For example I’ll be playing on a clean tone and try to switch to a heavy tone and it just stays on the clean. I then click a load of random tones and if I’m lucky it might load one of them up. I’ll then try and change back to the tone I wanted and it will do nothing. If I get lucky and get the tone I want, I’ll click back to get to the screen where it displays the amp and pedals and it will just switch back to a completely random tone that I haven’t selected. It’s beyond useless and completely unusable in the way it’s advertised. Hopefully it is something I’m doing wrong but I just can’t see it being that.

  • try this... with the app and Bluetooth disconnected, can you toggle through the spark amps onboard 4 presets?
    if not... I'd try a factory reset
    if it's the app, I'd try a reinstall.
    If both fail, it may be the amps problem, you got a lemon, no manufacturer has a 100% product.
    get in touch with customer support, they're pretty good