Spark bag

  • Re: Anyone getting the Spark bag?

    The site says most out in October

  • @mtipple FedEx says mine should be here on Monday.

  • @dhbailey hi, did you get an email notification from pg ?

  • No word on mine yet.

  • Received notification last week that I had a FEDEX package coming from Industry CA with expected delivery Wednesday. I saw on Import Genius that they received shipments in August, September, and October with bags included. This morning I received notification from PG that the status of my order had changed to shipped. So May to October to receive the bag. Received two amps and three Power Supplies in the interim. I'll be very happy to be done with Positive Grid.

    Update: Bag received 12 October. It actually seems to be decent quality. Only 4.5 months from the time I placed my order in May. I had never heard of Positive Grid until I heard someone mention the Spark Amp. They have forever discredited their reputation in my eyes, through their poor communication and lack of HONEST customer support. The products that I eventually received are fine but I could never recommend them to anyone without a huge asterisk regarding the lack of integrity demonstrated throughout the roll out of this product. I will take my business to Sweetwater and avoid PG whenever possible. I can't imagine a situation outside of a warranty issue that would compel me to deal with them again.

  • @leton8 Yes -- I got an e-mail from PG, after I had already gotten two different notices from FedEx that a package had been picked up from City of Industry, CA. The only item I expected to have ship from there was the Spark bag, so I knew it was from PG.

  • @dhbailey My bag finally arrived! Yippee! Just as others have said, the amp fits snuggly. There is room for a lengthy guitar lead cable coiled up on top of the amp, or placed inside the sleeve that's on the inside of the lid of the bag. The compartment on the front of the bag is large enough to hold my battery-pack and connecting cable as well as my wireless guitar connectors. Excellent bag, and well worth the wait!

  • Hallelujah, today I received the spark bag. It only took 5 months and In a sarcastic way I will say LOL.
    It looks to be of good quality and well made, was it worth the 50 or 60 pound and the wait.? Not really, I’ve managed this long without it so far.
    Would I buy anything from positive grid after this experience with them.? No
    Kind regards to everyone

  • Ordered mine on sat here by Friday. One week wait and bag.. straight out of the box, i love it, already has some good tones pre set.. even without the app.. possibilities are endless.

  • Ordered my amp & bag Aug 30, got the amp 2 weeks later. Just received the bag today .. well made.