BIAS Amp Mini Guitar on the way...

  • Just ordered the mini guitar amp, trying to learn as much as possible on how to use it before it arrives. I realize there are 16 onboard presets, is it only possible to modify the existing 16 presets or can I create my own and add (store) them it without having to edit / replace one of the default presets? I believe the regular BIAS Amp Head has ability to add 4(?) additional user created presets but not sure about the Mini Head?? Can anyone clarify..

    Same question for Amp Match can I store (add) an amp from Amp Match or are we only able to replace an existing preset when using Amp Match?

  • The Bias Mini head comes with 16 presets, the Bias Rack with 25. As stated on the respective webpages, you can tweak a preset by turning all the knobs to taste, but you’ll have to save back to the unit. This can be done without laptop or mobile device.

    Of course the real tweaking comes from the Bias Amp 2 software that comes with the amp. Bias Amp 2 is where you connect to the tonecloud and do the amp match and presets searching. And thru the Bias Amp 2 you connect to your mini head. And of course Bias Amp 2 allows for full tweaking of presets.

    I have the Bias Amp 2 mobile on my iPad. It has several categories of sounds (clean, glassy, blues, crunch, hi gain, metal, insane, acoustic, custom) and comes with sounds already pre-populated and you can download/add any presets from tonecloud to any of these categories (for example, I have 40 presets in my “custom” folder and a total of 89 presets from all folders).

    The app will also allow you to connect to Bias Head and it will show the presets (8 green/8 red). You can use the app to change between the presets if you want. You also have the ability to store a an original bias mini preset to one of the folders (I saved all 16 original presets to the custom folder just so I had them for future as I overwrote a few of them) and similarly you can overwrite one of the presets in the Bias Mini with something you downloaded from tonecloud. If you like something that you saved from tonecloud and you want that to be one of the bias mini presets, while on that downloaded preset, you just click the menu thing and select “send to bias gear” and it will ask you which ‘location’ (red or green) and which ‘slot’ (1 thru 8) that you want to store in on the mini head.

    Using the app, I can choose any preset, ones that happen to be stored on the mini head or any one of the others showing in Bias Amp 2.

  • Thanks for the info. From your reply I now understand there's no way to add/store a new preset other than replacing/modifying one of the existing 16 presets. All good. Do the desktop and mobile Amp 2 softwares have pretty well same features? I know the desktop Amp 2 software is included with the head but assume the mobile app is extra, correct?

  • Mobile app is free, see the link below on how to get set up and registered.