Folder software presets

  • Hello
    Sorry for my bad english (i am french)

    where is the folder containing spark user presets ?
    I would like classify in order my presets.

    It's posssible or not ?


  • @lemaitre1953 You download tones from the tonecloud or you create them on your device and save them. They can only be downloaded or saved into the pre-determined categories that PG has programmed into the app. There is no way to create our own folders to save them into for better organization. You can submit a feature request by using the "Contact Support" link at the top of this page. Many of us have requested the ability to create our own categories but the more people who make the same or similar requests the more likely it is that the programmers will act on them.

  • @dhbailey Hi there! Is it possible to re order the tones once downloaded within the folders? Even just alphabetically would help.

  • @enriquegc I can't see a way to do that.