BIAS Pedal Produces Sound But Not Effects

  • I have a Mac and a PC. 64-bit versions of FX 2 and Amp 2 work beautifully on both machines. Pedal, however, only functions properly on my Mac. On the PC (super powerful) neither the 32-bit nor the 64-bit will produce effects — i only get the raw sound. I installed ASIO4All on the PC, but to no avail. I’m using an EVO 4 USB interface that has up-to-date firmware. Has anyone run into this problem and if so do you know of a fix? The Positive Grid help page on this issue is woefully lame.


  • Support won't help me, and no one is answering here. I guess my question is this: Is BIAS Pedal only meant to be a plugin? Is the stand alone version known not to function?

    At this point I can't get it to work on either the PC or Mac. I tried using the same audio settings for Pedal as I have for FX 2 and Amp 2. What other, additional steps do I need to make to get this software working?


  • @geshultz Win10 BIAS pedal works fine in standalone here.
    You must have an audio configuration issue.


    What does your Audio Settings window look like?


  • @myxolydian Here is the screen shot for my Mac using the EVO 4 USB interface:

    0_1603402762560_BIAS Pedal Mac EVO 4 Settings Capture.png

    The settings are similar for the PC, except obviously I'm using ASIO. The settings are similar for the Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 interface as well.


  • I knocked the sample rate down to 128 and it made no difference. Again, these same settings work for FX 2 and Amp 2. What possible setting is used in Pedal but not in FX or Amp?