Bias FX 2 LE presets unavailable after "update"

  • Friends,

    Doing fine with Bias FX 2 LE. Have purchased the packs. Running ver

    Updated to and the presets are now disabled, factory and user.
    Only one preset opens. The single preset can be saved in a bank but all other saved presets are unavailable, restart reverting to the last saved state only.
    Message comes up to buy the standard version to use presets.

    Hoping that this is a bug. Confirmed the change on two computers with fresh downloads (using Reaper in win 10). Would be sad if the "update" includes a major takeaway.

    Any experience or thoughts on this. Thanks.

    John K

  • @brahma

    Is your app tier still "LE", or did it also accidentally update your tier to one of the other tiers? The tier can be seen by clicking on the settings "gear" icon, then choose "App Information", and then check your "License Tier". I think the "LE" tier is different from the other three tiers. Did it notify you of an update and download the update within the app, or did you download the update manually? If you originally installed BIAS-FX LE via plugin ecosystem like Focusrite's Plugin Collective, then you may only be able to do updates via that ecosystem, and doing updates outside of it (like via Positive Grid's website) may break things.

    Also, the software downloads that you are licensed for and your respective license tiers are listed in your PG web account (after you login via web browser, not BIAS app):

    One other thing to try -- after an update or adding a feature, sometimes logging-out and then logging-back-in with the ToneCloud/PG account using the BIAS-FX standalone app fixes licensing issues.

  • @blueingreen Thank you.

    Tier is LE and downloaded following the link within Bias, upper right hand corner settings icon that alerts for an update. All login and procedures followed and reverified the LE tier with new login after installing the update. Distort, Mod and Delay packs working fine.

    Presets not available except the last one played. Only the Captain Mark preset can be opened. It can be altered and saved as a user preset but after closing and restarting, only the one latest preset used or saved is available. Means for instance Captain Mark is modified and saved. The saved preset only is available and can't get the original Captain Mark back until deleting the mod preset and restarting Bias. Message is to purchase the standard version in order to use the "function". Rolling back to the older version fixes the problem. Starting the standalone was not working to fix the problem but will try that again.

    Thank you for your advice and time to reply.


  • @brahma

    Someone a week or two ago had a similar problem, who installed the LE version via Focusrite's Plugin Collective ecosystem earlier this spring/sumer. Did you originally install it via third-party plugin ecosystem like Focusrite's or Waves or did you get it directly from Positive Grid?

    It could be that if it is installed via third-party tool like Focusrite's, then all updates must be via that same third-party tool because I think their tool then controls the licensing, not PG. Maybe PG didn't think to disable the update notification built into their app for versions installed via third-parties, so it could be a bug. If you did install it via third-party tool, then maybe you just have to ignore the notification until your third-party updates their version.

    You can also try opening a ticket with the "Conact Support" link at the top of this page. Also, if you did install it via third-party, you may want to ask them if they are updating the plugin.

  • @blueingreen I did get the LE version free and might have been from Focusrite originally, purchasing the addon packs later. Alzheimer's kicking in and not entirely sure where I picked it up some years ago.

    The last update that did work came directly from the PG download page, as did the latest update which now crashes the presets. All authorizations and downloads done only through the PG user area downloads and website. I did open a ticket hoping that this is a bug and not an intended regression. Thank you again.

  • Looks like I have the same exact problem after I updated the plugin and standalone app yesterday. I got the BIAS FX2 LE version via Focusrite a few months ago.

    A pop-up window now says "This preset requires BIAS FX2 Standard" when I try to change to another preset which was available in the LE version before the update.

  • Just received a communication regarding the support ticket. The issue has been forwarded to their R&D and they will send an update on progress ASAP. Will post as soon as I hear back.

    Olli9n, hope you have the older installer for now until this is fixed

  • @brahma Ok, thanks for letting me know.

    I haven't got the installer for the older plugin version anymore, so I'll just have to wait for it to get fixed. But fortunately I have some other guitar plugins that I can use while waiting, so I'll manage.

  • Olli,

    If you need the older installer, please let me know and can upload and send. Will fix the problem pending a patch that in reality, we don't know when will come. Soon we hope.

    Think that this is appropriate and moral. PG would want you to be up and running as much as I do.