Making a video with good sound and backing track on the IPad.

  • Since some weeks we have the possibility to make videos of our playing directly in the spark app.
    Problem is the sound coming from the spark speakers recorded with the IPad Micro is not good.
    Second way is to make the video with the IPad cam and connect the amp with the IPad with an USB cable and camera kit for a sound without loos. This is good so but we not can record also a backing track at the same time.
    Third way...we need the iMovie app. There we can bring in the video we made with the IPad cam together with our playing over the USB connection. And then we add the backing track of the song, we stored before in our files.

    This must be at the moment the best and easiest way to make movies from our playing with the lossless spark sound in combination with the backing track from our collection.