How to use my own MP3's as backing track ?

  • Sorry if this question has already been asked. I searched this forum and couldn't find this answer to this simple question : How to use my own MP3's as backing track ?
    I'm using an iPad to connect to my Spark and I would like to use my own MP3's rather than the ones provided. They are neither on Apple Music nor on Spotify.
    Any clue how I could do that ?
    Thanks a lot

  • With the anytune app is the best solution. There you can change pitch and volume of the BT.

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  • @de_cunny Not only can AnyTune change the pitch if desired, it can change the speed without changing the pitch, so that a song can be slowed down. It will eventually change the tone if pushed too far, but within reasonable limits it can be a big help for practicing more difficult songs. And if you're using an iOS device you can multi-task both the Spark app and Anytune so that they appear side by side, making it easy to switch between them during your practice session.

  • @dhbailey @de_cunny
    Many thanks to both of you for your answers.
    I've been using also other apps than Spark app. However, this is rather a workaround, which I agree could work for some. I do not dispute the fact that using AnyTune could really be a plus. I just would have loved to be able to use a single app rather than switching back and forth between the 2.
    Does your answer mean there is no way to import may own MP3's or songs on the Spark app as of now?

  • @jimi in not sure what the actual question is.
    the spark is a Bluetooth amp.
    it plays anything that is connected to it via Bluetooth or aux in.
    as long as your mp3s are on a device connected to the spark, you can play along to them.
    If you're asking if you can manipulate the mp3s while playing along ?
    then that is another problem altogether.

  • @dhbailey
    Thanks for the hint about using the multi-tack feature :-) I had not think about it.... Good point

  • @crystalpit
    I know I can play it just like I could have done with any other amp by connecting my device to the aux in. Yet within the Spark App (I'm talking about the app may be it wasn't clear), there is a neat feature (which was one of the main reason I bought it), you can import songs coming from Apple Music or Spotify. You also have some backing tracks ready to use in the app itself. When you play a song or any music you have imported to the Spark app, the app display the chords of the music it plays.
    What I would like to do is be able to add my own songs / music / backing tracks that are of course not embedded in the app, nor on Apple Tune nor on Spotify.
    Is it possible to import it or not ? And of course if yes, how ?

  • Yes and no.
    At the low end of the spark app screen you have 4 possibilities to dial. The amp, the notes, the camera and the person.
    Only in the camera funktion you are able to use your own files. So you have to take your backing tracks or whatever you want into your private files on the IPad or IPhone.

  • @de_cunny I think you can simply set up a YouTube account and upload your own backtracks there. Then search for them using the apps Search icon.

  • @jimi In the latest update to the app, there is the option to video yourself. That option also includes the ability to use your own mp3 files. You don't actually have to be using the video option but for some ridiculous reason the programmers built the ability to use your own mp3 files into that new aspect of the app.

  • @jimi oh I see... no you can't do that then.
    if it's any help, I have my own music on YouTube, when I bring it into the app, the chords in the app are totally wrong,
    To be quite honest, 80% of any song I listen to, the chords are wrong, so much so, that I often need to confirm the chords in other apps like songster etc etc, and finally concluded.... whats the use?

  • @crystalpit
    Thanks for the input. I will have a deeper look at that. Up to know what I was importing was pretty accurate so far but I'll check it better. Thanks

  • @dhbailey
    Good point :-) I'll give it a try...

    Many thanks for all of you Guys for your time and answers. I do appreciate.

  • Guys, so, believe it or not, this EXACT function: the ability to ( from an iPad or iPhone ) upload my own MP3's is one of three distinct reasons for why I am very excited to buy this product. BUT if I can't easily:
    a) upload Mp3's OR be able to say, play along with a YouTube track from the web
    b) have the app save my recording over my Mp3 OR a YouTube track I've selected
    c) save both of the above into my account / jam folder )
    THEN I have to wait for the next software update etc.

    So, can someone from the SPARK / Positive Grid software development team confirm that:

    1. you can upload you own MP3's to the app and have them stored there IN the SPARK app? On the SPARK cloud ?
    2. if you select say a YouTube / Spotify track and then play along WITH that track that somewhere in the app my recording over said MP3 / YouTube / Spotify track is saved ?
    3. and if #2 is true ( I'm assuming via the PC interface ) that my guitar jamming / guitar track can be accessed through ( a Positive Grid / Acid / Ableton / Audacity ) like program so I can edit it, etc., yes ?
    4. there is a way to say, invite a friend to my account or give permission to a friend to add things in, over my Mp3 + my jamming ( and as a separate track ) like in garage band so if I create something and then want someone to add in drums, bass, etc., they can do it ALL within the app?

    My WHOLE purpose for buying the SPARK ( and I'm very excited to buy this product ) is to be able to say, while listening to music on a Saturday morning, where I hear a great track go, grab that track from YouTube, start up SPARC, jam along, and have it saved to do more with it later. Sometimes inspiration hits and you just want to capture it.

    If LATER, I want to take that jamming that I did in the morning or say at a previous time, boot up the computer, edit it, tweak it that is the whole point. I'd like to be able to contact the original beat maker / backing track maker from YouTube / Spotify / etc., and say, hey, I'd love to be able to use your backing track and then release that track that I've created and then send it/email to them OR even invite them to see what I've done by logging into the SPARK cloud, give them access, etc., so they can hear what I've done so far. If this can be done as a simple MP3 combined file or as seperate sections as part of the SPARK app then great.

    So far, there is NO system that allows what I've described above to be done very easily ( without having to open the PC, load stuff, etc. ) and with SPARK it looks like you can do that ( loading a MP3 or YouTube, jamming along, etc., ) right from the app as it is > I hope so as THIS is what I really need and enjoy doing: Jamming, adding on, sharing and creating .

    It seems THIS is the beauty of SPARK and the app, but I want to make sure it CAN in fact do the above before I buy it. So far I have a feeling that the app ( even in it's current form ) can do this one way or another ( and I'm sure it will evolve into what I'm suggesting here in the future ) but before I buy a SPARK I'd like to make sure that yes, what I'm suggesting above can be done or is in he works.

    Any suggestions ?
    How can we talk directly to someone from the SPARK software development team ?

  • @make-nit There is no recording capability in the Spark app like what you are asking about right now. And we can't load any mp3 files into the Spark app.

    However you can use the AnyTune app alongside the Spark and play along with whatever mp3 files you want.

    If you want to record your playing, my advice is to use a multi-track DAW, load the mp3 file into 2 tracks, record yourself and any friends you want to play along onto other tracks.

  • I doubt the app will ever offer the ability to record directly (and wirelessly) from the amp. I don't think the hardware supports this.

    Bear in mind that, aside from the tone editing options, the app really is just using the Spark amp as a bog-standard Bluetooth speaker. Everything else is done within the app. Technically, there's no reason the Spark app music player, chord recognition, and smart jam capabilities couldn't be used with any other Bluetooth amp or speaker out there because they are really nothing to do with the amp itself.

    For instance, the chord recognition and smart jam are just using your phone/tablet microphone.

    Could Positive Grid build a recording mechanism in? Yes, but this would not be directly from the amp. It would be via your phone/tablet microphone. In fact they've done this with the latest video option. But the recording quality of that is going to be fairly poor.

    Frankly, building these capabilities into the app is a convenience function. There are far better standalone apps for playing backing tracks and music videos, and for creating drum beats you can play along to.

    There are also far better apps available for recording audio and video (e.g. GarageBand, Caustic, Zenbeats). If you use a USB cable, you may even be able to record directly from the Spark into some of these.

    And if you have an Apple device, you can get Band Creator for $7.99 which is far better than the Spark Smart Jam.

    Personally, I only tend to launch the Spark app for tone editing. I really don't see the issue in switching apps especially as, most of the time, I'm not running the Spark app anyway.