Video recording problem with phone

  • I have a problem when trying to record a video/audio clip with my phone. Everything works as intended up until the count down. At that point the screen dims down to almost black and does not return to normal brightness. The audio recording is fine but the video portion is nearly unviewable because of the darkness. This feature works fine on my Amazon Fire Tablet 10 but not so on my phone. I have tried every possible setting in the phone that I can think of and regular photos and video work fine without the app. The phone is a Moto g7 Supra running Android 9. Anyone else experience this?

  • A little further info since I postee=d.  I was outside in my backyard and the app worked perfectly.  Went back inside and was back to the old behavior.  Oddly enough the Moto g7 Supra needs significant light to work properly with the app.  When it has less than it needs, instead of boosting the image it seems to dim it.  Again, this only happens with the app.  When video-ing with only the camera it is "what you see is what you get."  The good news is that for me, all I have to do is assure there is enough lighting and the dimming after the countdown does not occur.

    I am passing this information along in case others encounter the same problem.

  • @dgkenney It sounds like the app is using some sort of light-adjustment feature of the phone. When a phone has it's auto-light-sensing ability turned on it makes the screen brighter for easier seeing when the room is bright, makes the screen darker in a darker room for easier seeing. The way you're describing what's happening you might try seeing if you can turn off that feature on your phone and see what happens.