bias fx does not integrate with bias amp 2 and pedal bias

  • I want to buy the bias fx + pedal bias + bias amp2

    but they informed me that the last version released
    the amp bias and the pedal bias don't work.

    Version bias fx
    many bugs found
    I will wait for a stable version
    without crashes.

  • @matewshy

    Note that if you do eventually buy them -- BIAS Pedal comes included with the Elite tier of BIAS-FX, so don't pay for BIAS Pedal separately if you buy BIAS-FX Elite.

  • Got it, thanks so much for the reply

    is it worth buying the bias fx2 with the bias amp2?
    or is the elite version of bias fx2 already complete?

    I saw many people complaining about bias crashes in daws

    my friend showed me a serious limitation of the program
    the program's midi function is limited.

    it is not possible to send midi signal in preset format
    (Bank / Channel / Preset)
    bias only accepts pass presets - by preset +
    bank - by bank +

    I will wait for them to correct and insert new midi functions
    to be able to buy and use to play live

  • I realize that Taiwanese developers do not follow this forum.

    How to evolve in the construction of dsp engines
    if there is no interaction.



  • @matewshy

    It really depends on what you want to do, as well as having a good understanding of what BIAS-FX and BIAS-AMP are. I don't think Positive Grid does a good job explaining the purpose of the different iterations of BIAS software. I've never had issues with the plugin crashing, and I've used it in a half-dozen different DAWs on both a Windows 10 and MacOS system. But everyone's system is different.

    I've seen both here and on Reddit many people who buy BIAS-FX, and also mistakenly buy BIAS-AMP because they think that they need the latter for the amp sims. But BIAS-FX already comes with all the amp sims that most people need in a software-only setup. While BIAS-FX is a software-only solution meant to be used in a purely computer-based setup, BIAS-AMP is primarily meant as an interface to PG's flagship hardware amps (Head/Rack/Mini). Without one of these hardware amps, BIAS-AMP is still usable on its own, but it's mainly a custom amp sim builder from scratch at the circuit level (and can be used in BIAS-FX), which is certainly cool, but more of a niche thing, and not what some people expect. The Amp Match feature is probably the other big reason for buying it. So if you don't care about building your own custom amp from scratch or the Amp Match feature, then BIAS-FX is usually enough.

    Same thing for BIAS-PEDAL -- it's primarily meant as an interface to their hardware pedals, but can still be used on its own to create custom pedals from scratch at the circuit level, although there is no pedal equivalent to the Amp Match feature. But again, BIAS-PEDAL now comes included with the BIAS-FX Elite tier. In the BIAS-FX section at the top of this page, click on the "Compare Tiers" to see what is included in each tier:

    But both have two-week trials, so there's no need to go by my advice. Simply download and install them, and activate the two-week demo/trial, and then decide what is worth buying (if anything) after the two weeks is over.