Blue Tooth from Android Phone

  • Blue Tooth input from my 'Smart Phone' sounds 'boxy' and there seems to be no fix for that.
    I am still able to play my guitars which sound pretty nice but the tracks I am playing along with are less than decent sounding.
    I had hoped that my Spark would double as a good blue tooth speaker but it's sound is disappointing when comparing to other speakers I have.
    Any thoughts?

  • I have not noticed that with mine. I’m mostly only playing backing tracks to solo over but they sound the same to me on the Spark.

  • @crlguitar Perhaps raising the volume on the smart phone and lowering it on the Spark could result in a better sound. My Spark sounds great as a bluetooth speaker. I use an iPad or an iPhone, but I have tested it with my Kindle Fire (Android) device and it sounds good with that also.