Too much mid tones?

  • Re: Massive diff in tone between headphones and speaker
    I am experiencing the same issue as in aforementioned topic. Trying to get the same kind of sound from the amp: metal sound with more emphasis on lows and highs and less on mids. Unfortunately, I'm not able to achieve this through the amp. However, when playing songs from my phone using blue tooth, the amp IS able to have that typical metal sound. So, it is not that the speakers are not able to produce that sound. Anybody have any suggestions on how to get this crunchy metal sound for the guitar tone?

  • Wow, I'm finding the EXACT opposite. I can't get any midrange "bite" or "crunch" from this at all. It's almost like the amp is permanently scooped and only good for shredders. Wanna trade?

    Seriously, though... then need to put a real EQ in the FX chain. Should be a dirt-simple addition.