Bias "Recording" to "Live Performance" and "App" to "Pedalboard" Strategy Issue

  • Hi All -

    Hoping for some help. I have Bias FX, Bias Distortion pedal and purchased a Spark. Trying to understand the strategy of how all this works together where I can save 'tones' or 'presets' and use across the various platforms (app, pedal, and Spark), and really can't find any simple/straightforward answers.

    Ultimately, would like to be to build through the app, transfer to the Pedal and Spark. The other issue I believe to understand, is that I potentially need the Modulation and Delay pedals, too? At that point, do I just go to the Helix Stomp for effects and bias for distortion?

    Thanks for any feedback!

  • @music101

    The Spark has nothing to do with any BIAS stuff, whether FX, AMP or PEDAL. The BIAS physical amps/pedals are higher-tier, while the Spark is more an entry-level product that is really its own thing and (I'm guessing) targeted more at beginners due to the greatly simplified and limited tone stack/chain, compared to BIAS. BIAS software is meant to be used with BIAS hardware, and the Spark doesn't have "BIAS" in front of its name (the Spark uses its own built-in tone stack, not BIAS).

    The presets are completely different formats (Spark presets are much more simple than BIAS presets), and they have different ToneClouds -- they share the same login account, but the Spark and BIAS use completely different cloud databases, so you can only see BIAS presets from BIAS and only see Spark presets from the Spark. In fact, BIAS desktop and BIAS mobile also have incompatible preset formats and have separate ToneClouds.

    In terms of relationship of BIAS software to BIAS hardware:
    Software ==> Physical hardware it works with:
    BIAS AMP ==> BIAS Head/Rack/Mini
    BIAS PEDAL ==> BIAS Dist/Delay/Mod PEDAL
    BIAS FX ==> Software-only setup*; can also act as destination for BIAS AMP/PEDAL software above*

    *I don't think FX is meant to work with any BIAS hardware, although FX can use custom amps/pedals made with BIAS AMP/PEDAL. BIAS AMP/PEDAL can also be purchased and used on their own without any BIAS hardware. In this case, FX usually acts as the centerpiece in a software-only setup (usually into a DAW), and FX essentially takes the place of any physical hardware that would normally be the intended destination of BIAS AMP/PEDAL.

    In your case, you can use the BIAS PEDAL software (not the physical pedal, which has a confusingly similar name) to create a custom pedal, and after it is saved locally, BIAS FX should see it. Note that you don't need to use BIAS PEDAL to create tones/presets in FX, since FX already has a ton of pedals built-in. BIAS PEDAL is mainly for creating custom pedals from scratch at the circuitry level or for working directly with hardware pedals. Same thing for BIAS AMP.

  • Thanks for the reply. That's kind of what I was afraid of, that there isn't a strategy by Positive Grid to blend their platform. Even the Desktop isn't compatible with the Mobile. Disappointing to say the least, as you spend time on those perfect patches, but then can't play them LIVE.

  • is the bias pedal really good? just want to know some feedback here.