Looper instrument change

  • Is it possible to play back the original recorded patch in the Biasfx2 elite looper and the change instrument patch/sound to play with the recorded sound. Meaning play back with clean sound recorded and play along with a distorted drive sound. Thank you

  • @info-b

    EDIT: After re-reading your post, if you mean that you want to record a loop, and then sample different presets on-the-fly by clicking on different presets while the loop continues -- then yes, you can do this. There is a "Pre/Post" option -- the default is "Post" (records loop with post-processed tone), but if you change this to "Pre", it will record just the clean tone and change the tone on-the-fly as you select different presets. The rest of my previous post:

    I'm pretty sure the looper is the same for all tiers (Standard, Pro, Elite).
    The comparison chart simply notes whether or not the looper exists for each tier:

    In any case, in the BIAS-FX looper, you can (in order):

    • Record loop and have it play
    • Background looper
    • Change preset (BIAS-speak for "patch")
    • Re-open looper and record overdub loop with new preset
    • If desired, repeat last three steps for more overdub loops
    • When done, you can export the results to a WAV file

    The looper actually doubles as the backing track player, which you can use separately or together. So, you can also have it import and play a backing track file (WAV, AIF, FLAC, ALAC, MP3, M4A -- including one of your exported loops), and have that file loop, and then do all of the above steps on top of that. In this case, exporting only saves the played loops, not the backing track.

    Note that if you are looking to buy, you should try the two-week demo to see if you like it before buying anything.