How to set default tone on new instance

  • Bias FX always starts up with a particular preset, which happens to create unpleasant distortion.

    I'd rather set up with a simple clean amp setup. Is there a way to set the initial preset when adding Bias to a track in a DAW?

  • @ianmspencer

    Plugins are just modules loaded in their factory default state, and it's the DAW's responsibility to save their state after customization. Plugin state is usually saved within the context of a project/song, not globally, although that's up to the DAW. I've been recently using MOTU's Performer Lite, which does allow you to save collections of customized plugins into global plugin presets, which can then be applied to any track of any project. But this is a function of the DAW, so this only works if your DAW provides it.

    But if it helps at all, one thing I always do with any DAW is create a customized default project, which contains my usual audio/MIDI tracks as a base to build on, including guitar tracks with guitar plugins already loaded and set to my preferred presets.

    Depending on the DAW's available features, I set it to always open this project upon startup, or I just load it from the "Recent" list. This default project serves two purposes: 1) an immediately-working setup for noodling/jamming with backing tracks, and 2) a default template for building a new project, which I can quickly add/subtract from and then save under a new name. And back to your point -- I'm always starting each of my guitar plugins (S-GEAR & BIAS-FX) with my preferred preset, and can always change things from there. Not the reason I do all this, but is a fringe benefit.

  • Yep, that's a workaround and a good tip, though it doesn't solve my little irritation really as I am backtracking through projects to sort out poor guitar effects so I am tending to load Bias on the fly as I work through different projects in Cubase. Really I don't see why Bias starts with a preset at all, rather than starting with a clean slate - if I hit clear it goes to a sensible default, whereas it seems it takes the first default in the list (I tried putting a favourite). It doesn't seem to have a very good factory default in my book.

    Not the biggest problem in the world though!

  • @ianmspencer

    Yeah, it would definitely be more ideal if it were clean from the start. I'm guessing the intended audience of the factory defaults is beginners and especially people demoing the product, so that it showcases a bunch of things from the start, rather than have them stare at all the options, not knowing what to do. But that's just a guess.

  • I finally applied my brain to this.

    I had been ignoring the Cubase plugin defaults and I solved it by creating a clean set up and then using the Cubase preset and using their facility to save a default preset. I now have it working how I want it in Cubase. Sort of obvious looking back, especially by the number of times I looked at the Cubase default and decided it wasn't the answer!