Tone changes drasticaly when arming a track in Reaper

  • I've my Spark connected to my Windows workstation using Reaper, and everything works great, except when I arm a track to record. As soon as I arm a track with the Spark as an input, the tone/amp on my Spark completely changes. It does not appear to change in the app on my iphone, but the sound coming out isn't anything similar to what I was using before I armed the track. I get less gain, a ton of very warbly chorus, and a lot of delay, it can't possibly be the same JTM45 dry sound I was trying to record.

    Any suggestions on what I might be doing wrong?

  • Make sure the output is off on the amp, so that no sound comes out until you arm the track and check to make sure no automation is set on the track? Are you setting the tone with the app or hardware?