Problem with Spark (No Sound from Guitar Input)

  • Hello,

    I got my Spark two months ago, but i got no time for testing. Now im home but i cant get Sound from the Guitar Input.
    The guitar and the cabel are working i tested it with an other amp. I can play Music from my Mobile Phone and I can connect with the App but all i got from the spark is humming. it does not even crunch when I plug in the cable.

    Has someone a Idea what i do wrong ? or is it just broken ?

  • @philipp-malskorn
    maybe the input connector is internally only disconnected
    but are you sure you turned up also the output knob?

  • yes im sure turned up the output / Master output knob.
    And the Input connector is connected to the pcb i checked that too (with an multimeter).

  • @philipp-malskorn I have the same issue. It's working as a bluetooth speaker and i've connected to the app etc.....but nothing from my guitar other than hum. Like you say not even any popping or anything when i plug it in.

  • @philipp-malskorn

    Hi, I had similar problem with the amp. No sound at all when connecting to my bass guitar. Tried different brands of guitar cables, Otraki and GLS audio that worked great with my regular bass amplifier. Then as a last resort I decided to connect a Musician's Gear standard instrument cable that purchased at a local Guitar Center and is working just fine. Problem solved. Hope this may help.

  • Hi folks, I'm having the same problem with my bias spark ☹ Any fix and thoughts? Thanks

  • Any ideas on this, I'm having the same problem. Plugged in a guitar when I first got it a couple of weeks ago and it worked fine. Since then, I've only used it as a Bluetooth speaker. Now tonight, went to plug guitar in and no sound at all. I unpaired all Bluetooth devices and did a factory reset, just to be certain. Like others, the same guitars and cords work with my other amps. Input seems fine, since the tuner functions.

  • Are you sure you turned up also the output knob?

    Nox Vidmate VLC