Smart Jam not working well

  • I really like the Spark amp even without the app capabilities. I really like the functionality in the "Quick Jam" interface with prefabed backtracks in several genres and ability to easily change key and tempo. Those are great for jamming.

    But the Smart Jam "create your own drums/bass" jam tracks functionality doesn't work well for me. It generates either wrong chords (in bass notes) or adds in extra weird chords. Also the record cycle of 8 bars is way too short. My phone mic is working properly so not sure why it isn't reliable for me.

    Finally, I gather its not possible to change the key on any of the Youtube huge compiled shared backing songs that the app does autochord analysis on?

  • @mig Many people find that the smartjam function is terrible. For simple open chords like those in many folk songs, it's not too bad, but for more complicated chords it's dismal.

    You're correct, it's not possible to change the key on any of the youtube autochord analysis songs.

  • PG failed on this important part of the app.
    And to see all those YouTube reviewers praise it like the next best thing to water is ridiculous.
    They all lost credibility in my eyes

  • @crystalpit I often wonder if when PG sent out all those free Spark amps to the youtube "reviewers" they also sent along an outline of what to do in the video. Possibly broad guidelines mostly with one or two specifics, such as which chords to play (or not to play) when demonstrating the SmartJam feature. They sure made it look wonderful, which in reality is far from the truth unless one keeps it very simple and tries to use the SmartJam feature under ideal conditions (e.g. no background noises while playing the 2-measure samples, having the phone or tablet placed in the exactly perfect location near the amp so it can hear the chords being played the best). Whatever the case, PG should have released a much more in-depth manual that would explain all that for the end-user so that we could get as great results as the people in the demos.

    I believe the demos from those who actually bought the amp and had to wait for delivery like the rest of us. And I find those demo videos have many more negative comments in them.

  • I think if you're just starting out with guitar and wanting to use these features to support your development it could actually hinder rather than help in it's current state.

    Weird beats, off-beat chording, incorrect chords shown, or even chords with correct name but fingering for a totally different chord. That's more than enough for a newbie to be put off learning!