How do I stream?

  • Hi,
    I current set up is a spark amp, Presonus studio24c (usb sound card interface), Bias FX2 pro and OBS............ my question is how on earth do i stream??? i know how to go live and set up my youtube account and can stream other programs but i cant figure out how to stream playing the guitar on a live stream..
    please help and point me in the right direction.



  • Plug spark into interface;
    Plug interface into computer;
    Set audio sources in OBS.

  • @vaultnaemsae hi...I plug guitar into my spark, but i cant plug my spark into my presonus 24c i am totally lost on this dude

  • @kris-fto

    I've never done streaming or used OBS, so I can't speak on those specifics, but to clarify the physical setup -- the Spark and the PreSonus devices would normally be either/or, not both, as they can both act as an interface. Also, BIAS-FX is largely redundant to the Spark, as they can both act as a tone stack (ie, amp & effects). You can technically use the Spark as a clean/dry interface to BIAS-FX (I've actually done this myself), but it will be inferior to using the PreSonus device that is actually built for this purpose. Plus, if you're new to this stuff, it's a needlessly more complex setup. In any case, your physical setup would normally be one of the following methods:

    • Guitar => Spark (interface & tone stack) => USB-to-Computer => OBS*
    • Guitar => PreSonus (interface) => USB-to-Computer => BIAS-FX (tone stack) plugin inside DAW and/or OBS*

    *Again, I've no idea how OBS works in terms of audio input, whether it requires DAW output, or whether it supports VST plugins. If OBS simply works with the computer's default audio output, then maybe even the BIAS-FX standalone app works with this. I'm only familiar with the physical steps of this setup (the first three steps in each above).

    Of the two methods, the Spark method would seem to be the simpler one to start with, since it avoids involving plugins like BIAS-FX.