How to toggle between presets using midi controller without getting alert to save modifications?

  • When I'm playing with a midi controller (like Tone Shifter Mega) and I use one of its buttons to on/off a specific pedal within a preset, at the moment I press a button to go for another preset Bias FX 2 asks me if I want to save the changes and I have to click "ignore" or "save" to actually activate that preset.
    Even if turn on some preset's pedal and then turn it off, keepping the preset in the same configuration before trying to open another one, Bias FX 2 shows the alert to "save" or "ignore" changes.
    It makes impossible to use this kind of control when playing live. Is it possible to deactivate this Bias FX alert?

  • @carvalhoalvesgo

    This prompt is configurable by clicking on the settings icon (the "gear" icon), and then choosing "Preset Save Alert" from the menu, and then choosing "Yes" or "No". "Yes" is the default.

    Note that once this is disabled, you will always lose any unsaved changes done to the preset that you are changing FROM. So if disabled, then you just need to be vigilant in saving changes you actually want to keep vs. simply turning pedals on/off via MIDI.