Spark Cover Shipment?

  • Back in July I ordered the amp and cover. The amp has arrived but no cover for it.

    Are there any details for when it may arrive?

    Your Order Number #259310
    Last Chance Special: Spark + Bag HW0110 1 $262.00 USD

  • @bobcerelli If it's any consolation, I ordered in May and have not received the Bag either. Last word from support was that it would ship at the end of September but, I haven't seen or heard anything more from PG. Just waiting for 1 October to send them another note pointing out that they are dishonorable lying thieves with no integrity in their business practices. If you go to the help center and search for Spark Bag you will see the update that was posted weeks ago about how they were going to ship the bags and headphones in August (September, and maybe October). The article will show that it was updated about four hours before you clicked on it but, that is just another lie regularly perpetuated by PG as it always says updated "Today" at some random time.

  • @cmcwillieb I'm with you, ordered mid-May, haven't received the bag yet. But at least I have the amp, like you, so we're lucky. There are still some people who ordered before us who haven't even received their amp yet! PG's supplier of the bags must be having some serious issues!

  • Contacted (lack of) customer support again today as the last time I was told my bag would ship at the end of September. Is it any surprise to hear that;

    "Due to the lack of bag inventory and the jam at the port currently, the shipment is now postponed to mid - October I'm afraid."

    Another lie from PG and another complete failure of their logistics with no notice to customers. But, if you look at the help page it still says;

    "U.S. & Canada Purchasers - Most customers will receive their Spark bags in August, with the remainder in September and October. Most PreSonus headphones will ship in September, with the remainder in October. We do apologize for any inconvenience as we work to fulfill these items."

    and it says that message was updated TODAY, about an hour before I just looked at it. Another automatic update of the date to cover the obvious lie.