Problem with connecting to amp

  • Hi,
    for at least 2 weeks I am trying to deal with this problem.

    There is no problem with the "Spark 40 audio". But the mobile app can never connect to the spark amp. It always displays "Cannot recognise device"

    I tried the following:
    try on 3 Android devices,
    try to reset the network settings,
    try resetting the amp itself
    update amp's firmware
    clear mobile app's data and run again

    none seems to work. It can never connect to Spark 40 BLE... Has anyone had an issue like this?

  • One thing to watch out for when setting up multiple devices is another device may be connecting to the BT. If the Spark connects another device, the app on your device will never connect.

  • Hi

    Just received the spark amp. Downloaded the Positive grid app and able to play with the different functions. Unfortunately not able to activate the speakers when I plug my bass guitar. No sound at all. No sound from any of the bass amps. Getting audio output for the metronome, music jam and song chords via android phone. Tried several bass guitars and guitar cables with no improvement. Second, unable to link android tablet to the spark 40 "can not recognise device" message appears.

    Appreciate community comments

  • @mancerja Not a Bass player so may not be able to help with that but, for he sound side, check your Bluetooth connection and ensure you are connecting to Spark Audio as well as Spark BLE. The Audio channel provides the speaker functionality. Hope that helps.

  • @mancerja Could be that the noise gate is set too aggressively and the signal is not coming though. You will need to connect the app to be able to change the gate. I run a P Bass through mine and it works fine.

  • @scottakam That doesn't sound like it would cause a "device not recognised" error. That would result in low or no volume, I think.

  • solved...

    Many thanks to Felix. The problem was with the serial number of my amp, they have solved the issue without me doing anything.

    I really appreciate their customer support at this point

  • @guvenaasr Yes, I've been trying to deal with this exact same issue since my Spark first arrived a month ago, but have had no luck whatsoever. Support is now having me try different things (resetting the firmware and doing factory reset, etc.) but so far nothing makes any difference at all. I sure hope they will come up with a fix or workaround for this issue. As far as I'm concerned, the amp is basically useless right now.

  • @memphisman1122 have tech support had you move your bluetooth device around? Sometimes having it right next to the amp causes failure but having it a few feet apart can allow it to connect. Also I have noticed some stray bluetooth signals in my music room where there shouldn't be any. The way I noticed is that I have ForScore, the music reading app, on my iPad and I have a bluetooth footswitch for turning pages. I'll be reading a page on my iPad and without having the bluetooth footswitch powered on, there will be a random page flip. So something must have send a signal over bluetooth in my room.

    Also, there may be another bluetooth device that you've forgotten about which may have paired with your amp already, which would prevent your current device from pairing with it. For example if you've paired it with a smartphone and then tried to pair it with a tablet you might get a pairing error from the tablet since the phone may have automatically paired as soon as you turned the amp on.

  • I too had this problem and sure enough if I turned off the BT on any other devices I had previously connected to the Spark, then connects first time.

    PS. don't do my trick of thinking I turned on the Spark only to find it was switched off at the mains - hence no BT connection!?!

  • @dhbailey Thanks for your reply.. Tech Support had not had me move the BT device around, but I did after reading your suggestion. It didn't make any difference, but I appreciate your suggestion anyway. At this point, I'm willing to try anything that's legal to get this thing to work . . lol. I DID find one BT device I'd forgotten about - a CPAP machine. Turned off and even deleted the software for it from my device, but again nothing changes.

    Thanks again!

  • Hello everyone, I also suffer with my combo amplifier, constantly have some problems, now I found out that spark does not want to connect with my smart phone on Android 10, I took my son's smart phone with Android 9 and everything connected, is this normal? nowadays it is difficult to find such an old technique on Android 9, will there be any changes? when to wait for the support version on Android 10? disappointment, at the moment there is a conversation about replacing the power supply with a grounded unit, and the connection does not work. Is there support with responses? or only the users communicate?

  • @khromovan81 It has always supported Android 10. It worked with my Android 10 phone, and still works after upgrading to Android 11. The issue would be specific to your phone, not Android 10. Usually if people can't connect, it's because there is already another device connected to the Spark. If the Bluetooth status light on the back of the Spark is steady (not blinking), then something else is already connected to it, and you won't be able to connect until that other device is disconnected.