Asio Driver Open Failure! Bias FX Version

  • While I purchased the software a couple years ago, I'm now trying to use the stand-alone program and I'm having some issues trying to use it. I'm on a Windows 10 computer and I'm a Line 6 UX2 as the audio interface. However, when I open the program I get no sound...So, it should be a simple audio issue well I go into the audio settings and select my input device as Asio UX2 but, I get an error saying "Asio Driver open Failure!" I have Asio4ALL installed on my computer and I'm not sure why I'm receiving this error but, a little help would be very much appreciated!

    Here's a screen shot that you can look at.

  • @zack-scruggs95

    According to the screenshot, you've only half-configured your audio settings -- you only have ASIO4ALL selected for "Output Device", but not "Input Device" (you have "N/A"). So, you need to select ASIO4ALL for "Input Device" as well, and "Input" should be Mono, not Stereo.

    You also need to make sure that ASIO4ALL is configured properly too, since it doesn't usually work out-of-the-box, without some customization. If ASIO4ALL has a different device activated, or if it has multiple devices activated, then there is usually no sound. For instance, sometimes it will have both the external audio device (like Line6) plus the computer's builtin audio activated, and you have to de-activate the builtin audio so only your external audio device is activated.