Two amps one guitar

  • I have a Katana Boss MKII 50 amp and the very new, Positive Grid Spark amp. Long story, I want to run my one Fenders player into both amps at the same time.
    I currently use just a Y adapter but, that adds noise, I want the sound of each to be the same when both are running as they are when using one at a time.

    possible options:

    1. Positive Grid Spark amp, does not have a line out, only headphones out, the signal is too hot and you loose the spark amp speakers.
    2. Katana Boss MKII 50 has an power amp in but you loose the Boss Tone Studio on laptop and all Boss controls
    3. Katana Boss MKII 50 has an auxiliary in you can connect a CD player, audio player, electronic musical
      instrument, or similar audio source, and listen to it while you play your guitar.

    I have to think I'm not the only one who wants or has don this ? I'm looking at this Fender ABY Footswitch, it has bad reviews, says there is noise here too.

    Assuming this is something thats done, I think my only choice is to run a cable to a device that splits it to two amps, what devices are being used to do this?
    Thanks -James

  • I am used to playing a stereo rig and made my own switching pedal that switches lead amps and the respective preamp send from each amp. It works well for me, but you really need that effects loop to do it right. I did use the Spark headphone out into the return of the other two amps and it sounded really good. I bypassed the preamp of one of the other amps totally allowing me to toggle between the spark headphone out as lead and one of the other amps as lead. This took three amps total to accomplish. Also makes the spark output mono. I turned it back into stereo by using an external effect unit's delay and reverb that is stereo. This is far from perfect, but worked and. Sounded surprisingly good. I want an effects loop in the spark bad!