Permission error trying to open on Big Sur

  • I'm not positive this is a Big Sur issue, as I've been using my Spark lately and hadn't opened BiasFX in a little while.

    Either way, the app used to work just fine, and now, when I try to open it, I get this error:

    0_1601170826126_Screen Shot 2020-09-26 at 9.40.18 PM.png

    I've done some research but can't find any solutions.

    I checked the permissions and they're exactly the same as Bias Pedal, which opens just fine (as does Bias Amp). Also, I'm on the admin account, which is the only account on the computer. I've tried rebooting, completely uninstalling and luck.

    Is anyone successfully running it on Big Sur? Surely if it was affecting others, there would already be a thread, and I didn't find one.

  • @dane

    Not sure about Big Sur, since my Mac is a 2011 model stuck on High Sierra, but maybe that's just a modern version of the warning window when opening a new program downloaded and installed the manual way (as opposed to the App Store)?

    Try opening the "System Preferences", and then click on "Security & Privacy", and in the lower half of the window, there is usually something mentioning the app in question, and gives you the option to allow the app.

    There was an update to BIAS FX2 earlier this week, so if it was updated, it may be seen as a "new" program by the OS. If not, you'll likely be upgrading anyway, so if the above suggestion doesn't work, you may want to try downloading and re-installing the new version.

  • Same here , this is not working on Big Sur even the last beta and the last version of BIAS FX 2... this is a pain since Big Sur should come very soon ...

  • @esebban said in Permission error trying to open on Big Sur:

    Same here , this is not working on Big Sur even the last beta and the last version of BIAS FX 2... this is a pain since Big Sur should come very soon ...

    Big Sur has been out of beta for a week or two.

    But it's good to know this might be a Big Sur issue. Hopefully it's something that'll be resolved soon, then.

    I tried @blueingreen recommendations, but no luck.

  • @dane No, it is in Public Beta 4.

    Guys, Big Sur is a major release, and as such you need to wait until PG says it supports that OS before you upgrade. If you upgrade before the apps you use say they support that OS, and then the app doesn't work properly, it's your own fault. It is never wise to upgrade major releases if you use audio apps- this is well known.

  • @myxolydian I guess I deserve this tone. Looks like iOS 14 was officially released, but not Big Sur, and I thought it was.

    I am fully aware of the possibility of some things not working. I just misunderstood Apple's release announcement. I wouldn't have posted otherwise.

    If the full release date passes and it's not working, I'll update then.

  • New release of Bias FX 2 from today 09/20 and same issue as the previous release ... unfortunately ... I know Big Sur is in beta etc ... but the beta is here to help developers to adjust their software as much as possible to be ready for the final release. I doubt from Apple, they will completely change their system from the 8th beta to something totally new before the final release... I am not blaming anyone, I am just saying this is a pain to not anticipate a bit since end users are already giving some interesting feedbacks ...

  • I have this exact issue, and have tried all of the items listed above to no avail. I have also opened a support ticket with Positive Grid - I fully understand they have many things to work on, but it would be nice at the VERY LEAST to acknowledge that the ticket was sent in - and say "Hey - were working on it" - "Sorry your having a problem" - "We hope to have it resolved by XXX" - I have three other pieces of software that are critical to my Mac, all of the software developers allowed me access to the BETA versions so I could at least try and help them resolve the issue. Not asking for a miracle, just a little assistance. I have been buying the BIAS software and upgrades for years, and would think we could get a couple more details around the Big Sur release that will probably happen in October.

  • Here's an important article for some people around here that really need to learn about the patience required before updating OS when you're using audio gear.

  • Reviving this....
    Now major release is now out... and I have updated it...
    Issue persists..
    Same permission error:

    You do not have permission to open the application “BIAS FX 2”.
    Contact your computer or network administrator for assistance.

    Does anyone figured out how to bypass this error message?

    Thank you

  • Hi,
    Same issue, no way to run Bias FX2 in Standalone mode. It works as a plugin in Garage Band... I Think the only way to solve the issue is an update from Positive Grid...

  • Guys, now Big Sur is an official MacOS release, many systems (like mine) got updated over the night automatically. It 's pity that it broke Bias FX 2, when could we get a solution please?

  • Same here...

    You can use the first Bias FX until a fix is out.
    Also the plug-in for Logic works without a problem. It is only the stand alone version that is having permissions issues.

    0_1605356479870_Screen Shot 2020-11-14 at 9.21.17 AM.png

  • @rvelozo But is it possible to find/download the first bias fx? I only can find the second one...

  • @dgpgomes You can find it in the downloads section from your profile.

    On a second thought, it may be there only if you own it.

  • @rvelozo Yea.. I only own the FX 2...
    Never regretted so much after an update..
    Guess ill just practice on Guitar Rid now..

  • @dgpgomes While I wait for the fix, I decided to use the plug-in version in Garage Band. At least is the same software.
    It is just one more step.

  • Any updates on this?

  • Why the PG is still keeping silence?0_1605787749685_Снимок экрана 2020-11-19 в 2.49.34 PM.png

  • I replied on the other thread saying that because of their silence I went ahead and requested a refund of my money.

    They would probably notice if we all did that.