BIAS FX 2 and BIAS AMP 2 both changed to Demo mode

  • Same computer system. NO hardware changes.

    Hadn't opened either in about a month. Opened today. Logged in to my account.
    BOTH programs have changed to Demo mode and will not activate.

    Tried the instructions on website with no luck.

    Please help.

    Thanks in advance

  • @randylivingston Not sure which instructions you are referring to, but frequently logging-out and logging-back-in with the standalone app helps. If you already tried this via plugin, make sure to do it with the standalone apps first, then repeat it with any plugins afterwards. Also, since you have multiple products, maybe try logging out of all BIAS apps (FX, AMP, Pedal) before logging-back-into any of them.

    Otherwise, log into your PG web account via web browser, and double-check that they still have you as registered for the licenses, and something didn't get lost. Basically, log into your PG web account via web browser first, and then go to your download page that should display everything that you are licensed for:

    If the BIAS apps don't show up here, then you probably need to open a ticket with PG to find out why. If they do show up here, then maybe try downloading and re-installing the apps. Note that a new version of BIAS-FX2 was released a week ago (2.2). If that doesn't work, then you'll probably also have to open a ticket with PG.

  • Thanks blueingreen for the detailed advice.

    Seems I had two accounts with Positive Grid. Logged in with the other account and
    all is there. Also was able to activate products. So: a "duh" moment

    I see that PG now requires internet access to use these products. My dedicated studio
    system is disconnected from the internet. Only connect when necessary.
    SO - Looks like a big waste of $$$ for me.

  • @randylivingston

    Internet access is only required for activation -- it is not required for using BIAS after activation. The activation process saves the license locally, so you don't need internet access to use the built-in functionality. Of course, internet is required for ToneCloud, but that isn't license-related. All the local presets and amps/pedals/racks should work, though. I use it without internet access sometimes.