upgraded to FX2 Elite for the harmonizer, but it crackles,,, none of the other effects do this,, why?

  • I don't know why this happens. Same on active or passive driven guitars, also noticed that some of my used presets crackle. I made them and ran fine upon construction, not all of them though, great system just need to kick the bugs out, advice please,,,,

  • @cygnuss_x_1

    EDIT: Just realized that I assumed the driver was ASIO (and thus Windows), but if on a Mac, the same applies to CoreAudio buffer size.

    If it is the crackling/static that comes from ASIO buffer sample size, that can vary depending on the effects being used, and isn't all-or-nothing. It's usually dependent on how complex and resource-intensive the effects are, and how many effects a preset is using. Harmonizers and pitch shifters are generally the most resource-intensive effects, so they usually run into issues like this before other effects or presets not using them. I use pitch shifters a lot (I use the the BIAS pitch shifter pedal at the front of the chain in some presets to downtune my guitar to Eb tuning on-the-fly), so I run into this occasionally.

    I basically set my ASIO driver's buffer sample size to the worst case scenario. For me, the factory preset "Skyline" seems to reach the point of crackling before 90% of other presets, which is odd, since it seems like a fairly simple preset. Regardless, it has become my litmus test for setting the ASIO buffer size.

    Normally, I can set my ASIO buffer size to 64, and it works with 90% of effects/presets, with the remaining 10% (like the Skyline preset or the Pitch Shifter effect) still crackling a bit. So in the end, I raised my buffer size to 128 just to accommodate that last 10% (ie, the worst case scenario). Note that this wasn't exclusively a BIAS thing for me -- it happened with other guitar apps/plugins too, but it happened more often with BIAS since it is a larger and more advanced program, and advanced features are generally more resource-intensive by nature, causing the need for a higher buffer size.