The whining must stop

  • This is a great piece of gear for a very reasonable price. Perfection costs a lot more than that. But this thing does a lot and pretty well. For less than most multi effects, you get a big package of features and some very nice tones.
    I don’t even mess with the tone cloud. Play around with some of these models and drop in and out some pedals. There’s a lot of good sound.
    Play around with the smart jam for a half hour and see what you can get. It’s a practice tool and it’s miles beyond anything previous in the space.
    It’s got problems. It ain’t perfect. But here’s an idea. Shut up and play. You might just enjoy yourself anyway.

  • you've missed the point, besides the one or two basic things on the unit itself, which are all resolved, no one is complaining.
    The App? that's where the problems are.
    thats where a lot of people have been sucked in, thinking we were all going to get an all in one application that would see us ditch our multiple other software's and hardware's, but it seems, we still have to chain them on the spark at sometime or other

  • Amen brother! I think the people that hate the Spark should exchange with the people that are waiting to get them so we can all be happy.

  • Yes ......Spark Form Over Run With Repetitive Issue !

    Any chance there can be a from section called Spark Issues for people with issues on the Spark or PG services.

    People need any avenue legitimate complaints and problems.

  • Perhaps PG should just deliver on their promises and show some integrity. Many of us are still waiting for merchandise that we paid for months ago.
    Some issues are repetitive but I've also noticed that a lot of folks in the forum offer valued advice and assistance to those who need only that. Seems like that is a valuable resource.

  • it's been discussed months ago right in the beginning , as the deliveries get up to date, those issues will dissapear, theres already 90% less posts on that issue.