Headphone out properties for recording

  • Thought this might be of interest to those wondering about using the Spark headphone output as a recording interface to analog gear instead of using the USB interface. It shows measurements of max output level, impedance and simple noise measurements:

  • yes, anyone recording a digital out thinking it's any quiter than standard analogue out, line or phones, is dreaming.
    more convenient? definitely
    quiter?not really

  • @mig I have added some more detailed measurements (Rightmark Audio Analyzer) of the Spark headphone output (frequency response, distortion etc) in the article.

  • Interesting stats. If you are looking to get into recording and you have a Spark, it's a great tool for learning how to record guitar and use a DAW. If you already have an audio interface, it seems to me you are better off using something like Bias FX 2. Even the lowest version has tons more features and flexibility than what you can do with the Spark.