RACK not connecting to desktop MAC

    1. Rack is registered via iphone app.
    2. BIAS amp is downloaded and updated.
    3. Have removed all other devices.
    4. Swapped known good USB cables.
    5. Used Different USB Ports.
    6. Went into Audio MIDI setup to locate G1 device driver.....driver is NOT present.
    7. Rack seems to be stuck in wireless mode. Blue LED does not turn off when USB is connecting.
    8. No change whether I turn off wireless or not.
    • Works perfect through iPhone.....but need to use standalone desktop APP.
      System info MAC 10.15.6
      iMac 27 late 2015
      3.2 32 GB ram


  • Factory reset.If the USB blue light stays on with cable connected there would seem to be a software glitch. I have a Bias 2 head which I think is the same DSP board as the rack.Isn't the G1 driver only relevant when you are connecting to a DAW, rather than the Bias Amp software interface?
    Mmh Maybe that's not true either.
    Can you try another computer?

  • hello, have you found the solution because I have the same problem as you with my bias head amp and I am on Mac with Catalina

    thank you