Download Issues

  • Anyone recently purchased BIAS 2 for Windows and had any issues getting the download link once logged in?

    I have tried all the browsing solutions they suggest.... FRUSTRATING!

    Any ideas?

    Cheers newbie.

  • I'm just finishing downloading (I was behind! I swear I checked in the last week....) via IE11. Have you migrated to the new site?

  • Sorry what do you mean the new site?

  • They had a site migration that included users migrating - meaning they had to go to the new place and re-do some of their account information.

    So, say you click on the link above. Upper-right is the account icon. Log in. Go to store, click on product download button. Download page for AMP, FX, and compressor and eq products. Click download tab of desired product.

  • I have purchased it... logged into my account and this is all I can see... even if I try to download a demo of say FX it's the same...


  • @paulmclaren11 You need to open a support ticket as they will help you to get that sorted.

    contact support here

  • @anthony-newcomb done but no help thus far. Cheers.

  • FF should have no problems. Seems like a browser issue. Try via IE. If that doesn't work, go to the browser temp folder (via Internet options) and delete any cookies that have pg, or at least positive grid, in the title. If that doesn't work, try the same in FF (I don't know the route, but it should be similar....-ish).

  • Thanks mate, definitely a browser or firewall problem... I logged in on my mums laptop and BANG... there it was. Activated, but some presets on the tonecloud come up "need standard or pro...." - I do have standard!!

    Anyways thanks man I will try those tips on my laptop - at least you are trying to help... PG have been non responsive.... "we need more time".... I want my hard earned back!

  • @paulmclaren11 said in Download Issues:

    Activated, but some presets on the tonecloud come up "need standard or pro...." - I do have standard!!

    I have the Elite version and I've found a few user presets on the cloud that throw out that "need standard or Pro" when I try to download them. It only happens when I try to download a preset that uses the new Celestion IRs...though not all of them using the Celestions give me problems and this makes me think that the IRs associated with those problem presets are from the Modern/vintage pack? The one preset that DID download used a cab from the celestion 'Classic' selection which came with my Elite purchase.

    I have had NO issues downloading anything that uses the standard stock cabs