Spark APP no posibility to make own place to store local effects

  • Hello,
    I play in 2 bands and I want to store the tones for the bands in category i can make by myself.
    Now i have to chose from pop/blues/rock/metal/alternative/bass/acoustic

    If I can make my own local category I can make ( bandname 1 , bandname 2 etc ) and store the tones over there.

    Is there a possibility to do that ?

  • @rdspangenberg Not yet -- many of us have submitted feature requests to PG to enable this function, but it was not included in the most recent app update. Use the "Contact Support" link at the top of this page to submit your own feature request because the more people who submit the same requests the more likely the programmers are to include it in a future update.

  • Currently we are forced to use those folder categories. But you can just name your patch band1_clean, band1_drive, etc. Put them all in the same category and they will live beside each other. Doesn't that solve it?