Stereo effects on headphones

  • Hello, does Spark have stereo effects or is it always mono in center on headphones?

  • Spark has two 4" speakers which are capable of true stereo. Whether running through the speakers or headphones, you do not get stereo effects. The only stereo would be coming through the Aux In.

  • Ok, I'm so used to stereo effects in Boss GT-1, that I probably can't go back to mono. Pocket GT seems to be alternative to Spark, if only headphones are used.

  • @fuerte

    I briefly looked at the Pocket GT the other day, which looked pretty cool. I own the GT-1, which I've mainly used as my portable "practice amp" with headphones for a few years. I was a bit surprised that the Pocket was more expensive than the GT-1, since it actually has less functionality in terms of physical pedals, but I guess you're paying extra for the portability. Although the GT-1 is fairly portable too, in terms of throwing it in a backpack -- I only use it with rechargeable batteries.

    I originally intended the Spark to somewhat replace my use of the GT-1, but what I've found is that I like using both together to overcome the Spark's limitations. You can't stack pedals in the same group or change the audio chain order with the Spark -- but I can put the GT-1 in front of the Spark, and can combine the functionality of both, such as having a booster pedal on the GT-1 push a distortion pedal on the Spark, or using a compressor pedal on the GT-1 at the front of the chain. It's isn't a big enough deal that I'd recommend going out and buying the GT-1 to do this, but since I already have the GT-1, it's a nice add-on.