Master Volume vs Output knob

  • What is the difference?
    When should i adjust Output knob and what is the recommended setting for the output knob?

    It just seems confusing. Volume on my guitar, master vol on spark then this output knob.

  • @hammer1 I believe Output applies to the overall Amplifier volume only, so all knobs to the left of the Output together. Master is just for Base, Treble, Gain, & Mid, again, everything left of the Master knob itself. The Music Volume is essentially the Bluetooth Speaker volume so it adjusts everything coming out of the Spark including the backing track and amplifier. Think of that little knob as the true Master Volume. Guitar volume and tone knobs will adjust the sound of the guitar only, irrespective of the Amp settings. I set the Amp where I want it and rarely touch it. The guitar is usually between 8 and 10. You can also adjust the volume of external tracks through your device (phone/tablet). It's just about getting the right balance of volume, tone, and sound you want for your situation. There are others in the forum who record and do other things where they make more adjustments and play with more knobs, so I'm sure they'll clarify any errors in my explanation. I keep it pretty simple.

  • Master is to adjust the gain of the simulated power section. Use it to change how much drive/distortion you get from the power section to get a tone you want. The output just changes the overall volume without changing the tone.