BIAS FX compatibility with BIAS Amp 2

  • When will BIAS FX be compatible with the new BIAS Amp 2? The last PG update that I saw said either 12 or 14 days tops but it's been over that now. Can anyone give any information on this?

  • @mike-miranda they're not even answering support tickets at the moment, so I would guess; they are doing there work (which is plenty, regarding to the hardware and FX integration)

  • @sascha-ballweg OK, thanks for the reply!

  • This is starting to get old, i thought it woud be done by now...

  • Give it another month, an that'll be long...ish.

  • At the moment, AMPv2 and FX are sold as a bundle, which would of course be too crazy to even think about if they wont work together, so for the people who're downloading that combo purchase right now, compatibility must have been restored, but where do us existing users get our update? I dont see an update option in FX...

  • TBH, I am more than happy to wait. Bias Amp 2 was a stand alone product long before FX and I would much rather them fix the really glaring bugs still in Amp (I have reported three+ personally) and the last thing I personally need is some rush job on Bias FX that wrecks all my carefully crafted presets just because some people on the 'net are antsy about it. FX functions perfectly fine as is, and Amp 1 still works so I have tones for days and am having a blast with Amp 2 and mixing it with other plugs and want to see it be all it can be without cycling through a bunch of unstable patch releases.

    PG has a lot on their plate with the Bias Amp 2 ripple effect (mobile updates, FX integration, bug fixes after initial rollout, hardware (Bias amp mini and FX floor, please), new features, the second set of Celestion cabs, etc) and they seem to be shooting for high quality results this go around and really listening to what customers want, which I am personally all about. So, keep moving as fast as you can without sacrificing quality, I say.

    I would have to imagine the firmware update for the Head to support 2 has to be their biggest priority (those customers dropped a grand on H/W) and expect that way before FX.

  • I am fine waiting. I expected that and I understand that they need to work out the bugs. What I don't understand is the lack of communication. Update the information page to give us a sense as to how things are progressing. If it's going to be another three weeks, fine. Just communicate that.

  • I've been using BIAS AMP with Bias FX for a long time, and I use them to play live with an iPad. I recently bought BIAS AMP 2, and I absolutely loved the new simulations and the new Amp Match, but I can't use this amps with Bias FX. I'll have a gig in 2 weeks, and I hope the new Bias FX (inclusive for iPad) has been released until there.