I just tried the new record a video of yourself feature...

  • click here to see the video

    And it uses your phones internal mic! It sounds horrible!
    This would have been a great feature if it recorded the sound direct!

    Also doesn't work if you have headphones on..

    Makes this feature completely useless IMHO.

  • @soup There is no sound travel from amp to device through bluetooth. Maybe in some future firmware upgrade, but not now. Just another sales gimmick added to make the Spark amp more marketable without adding a lot of real improvement. The only improvement is that we can now access our own backing tracks, but they should have put that capability in the main backing tracks/smartjam screen not this new total-B.S. "video yourself because you know you're a rock god" function.

  • I play 98% of the time wearing headphones, so this feature like smart jam does nothing for me.

  • [I just tried out the Video record feature of the Spark app, using my iPad. I set it on the floor just below my Spark (located low on a bookshelf) and started some random noodling of some chords. When I was done recording, I noticed I could export it to somewhere in 'spark-land', but I didn't since I wanted to edit it a little bit, trim it down, etc., so I saved it to my ipad's photo library. I cropped it down a bit, edited the exposure, etc., and think it turned out pretty good. It would be nice if one could do a little basic editing within the Spark video portion of the app, which would still allow one to export to somewhere in 'spark-land', but for now, it appears that this two-step process provides a bit more finished output of the type most of us are used to and minimally expect. Positive Grid - put this one on your workbench!!

    Click here for YouTube: Spark app Video Recording feature demo

    0_1601066015297_Spark Video jam scat sd.jpg