Intelligent Pitch Shifter

  • Does anyone think there is a possibility for an Intelligent Pitch Shifter in a future update?

  • @tomaragon any pitchshifter will suffice, Intelligent?
    I doubt it.. they can't even get a simple looper correct

  • I didn't know there was a looper in there...

  • @tomaragon There's not a looper in there. If you want something to be included, use the "Contact Support" link at the top of this page and submit a feature request. Many people have asked for a looper and Crystalpit's response about how the can't even get a simple looper correct is about how it's still not included even though many people have asked for it. Asking for something doesn't guarantee that it will be included but if you don't submit your request through the proper channel there's no way it will even be considered. You can't count on PG's development team reading this forum.

  • @dhbailey of course theres a looper, in general people discuss the spark including the app features.
    Its just that in its current state, the looper is useless even compared to loopers of the 00s never mind what's available today, where software types have all the bells and whistles.
    At the moment we've got a looper that's got a slow down function but no key transpose(it has one in jam mode) and most importantly, not seamless,and can only edit the loop in blocks, not exact A/B points...

  • @crystalpit There's a Looper Pedal in the Spark? Where, what's it called? i think we might be using the term "looper" in different ways -- yes, it's possible to loop the smartjam tracks. But it's not possible to use that function of the app in the way that many people think of the term "looper" where we record one track of our guitar playing, then loop that as we add additional loops on top of it until we have an ensemble sound of ourselves playing our guitars, or, in the case of a looper pedal with storage capability so that a loop can be revisited and additional playing can be added where we can then add a bass part, and maybe some electronic drums if we wish.

  • @dhbailey yes looper is probably not the exact word in a sense.
    but that's what the icon says on the app.
    you're supposed to be able to pick a phrase and loop it while you slow it down to learn it.
    it does all that, but not to a standard that meets even the cheapest of loppers on the market.
    on a song you choose in utube you cant set the A/B point on the exact downbeat, you can't change the pitch and there's an audible pause everytime the loop starts over.
    so it's fail, fail fail

  • @crystalpit Yes, I know about that "looper" but there's no way that's anything like a "looper" pedal, where we can record ourselves over and over in different layers to build a multi-line song. The "looper" function in the smartjam and backingtracks should have been called a "repeater" instead of a "looper" to avoid the confusion between the terms. In the world of guitar effect pedals the word "looper" has a distinct meaning that is not at all what the "looper" function in the Spark app does.

  • Maybe if pg had used a bit more artistic license when they copied the 'Chordify' app it wouldn't have been called a looper.