Notice - iOS 14 Compatibility Issue

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    --- 2020 09 22

    Recently Apple has released an update to its mobile operating system, iOS 14. This latest update may affect your use of the following Positive Grid products for the mobile platform (iPhone/iPad):

    BIAS AMP 2
    BIAS FX Mobile
    JamUp / Jamup Pro
    BIAS Pedal
    X Drummer
    Final Touch

    To ensure that all your Positive Grid iOS products remain operational, we recommend that you do not upgrade to iOS 14 until app compatibility with the latest operating system has been confirmed.

    For the time being, please remain with your current iOS version until further notice. We will provide further updates when they become available.

    Thank you for your understanding.

  • Thanks, but too late.

  • Hey PG, your timing sucks.

  • @mike look PG , I am very unhappy about this...I know you are working on it but I use Bias FX and the other apps to make money ...I was so upset that you started abandoning Bias FX for Bias FX2 , I paid for the apps and upgrades on Bias FX, I use a midi controller for the app...then when I tried to switch to Bias FX2 you want me to AGAIN pay to unlock MIDI way to transfer...this was infuriating as I had just paid for a license on Bias FX. I had also purchased the other apps Bias Amp, Smart Jam etc. at the time . I then mistakenly purchased the Spark Amp thinking it was designed to work with Bias FX, I mean, you sent me advertising that looked like it was all together...nope...ce las vie I thought...but then I had the ungrounded power supply issue and waited weeks for a response (a reply to email would have helped) still waiting for replacement...
    Now Apple shoved ios 14 down my throat when I hooked my phone to my computer (itunes sucks) and your apps stopped working...with a week of no notice or response from PG.
    Listen I want you guys to succeed....hell as you see I am an investor...but this has gotten frustrating at best...I need MIDI control unlocked on Bias FX2 right now...why dont you offer me a code or something...not asking much after alll of this...

  • @terry-mc You should be upset with Apple, not PG. It's very common for upgraded OS to have bad effects on audio apps. You should never upgrade until the apps you use most declare that the new OS is compatible with their product. PG never declared iOS 14 safe for use, and once they found out it definitely wasn't, they posted a message here. I understand your frustration (has happened with Windows products countless times), but it's not PG's fault that Apple changed its OS, or forced it down your throat.

  • @myxolydian ya believe me I am been dealing with Apple issues since phones started...but did you read my post or not? DO you not see the PG issues...? I accepted the iOS thing and said ya I know they are working on it....But whta about PG's responsibility and issues? Read my post again

  • @terry-mc yeah, I read your post. Did you read the OP post title?

    'Notice - iOS 14 Compatibility Issue'

    What does that have to do with your BIAS FX2 midi issues or the fact that you mistakenly thought Spark was compatible with BIAS FX?

    If you're just going to bring all your grievances into one thread, you won't have much luck with any of them. As for the topic at hand, PG isn't at fault, and if you've been dealing with Apple, then you'd know that you need to protect against automatic iOS updates.

  • @myxolydian wow I am not here to argue with you buddy...why dont you stay out of what doesnt have anything to do with you...I dont think you work for PG so your opinions and everything else have no merit whatsoever...

  • Hi PG, it's embarrassing that mobile applications are not updated to iOS 14. But it's even more embarrassing that your solution is that we still don't update our devices so that we can continue to use your apps. Of course I will not stop updating my iPhone just by using Jam up, application that from today I delete from my iPhone. Greetings.

  • @jose-alberto-rcg A stable platform is the goal, not the latest, shiny least, not until its been proven stable. There are a long list of respected audio applications that also have not recommended upgrading to iOS 14 yet, and this happens on all platforms with most upper level audio applications. Relax.

  • Just installed iOS 14.0.1 update. Bias FX still doesn’t work, but I hope it gets fixed soon.

  • @rado It wont, PG doesnt give a flying bird about it.

  • very frustrating...hard to believe a software company cant fix this....somethings not right here...

  • @terry-mc ... PG only stated that apps are working with IOS 10 or later!

  • Biax fx has just been updated and seems to be working fine right now on ios 14.0.1.

  • After todays update BIAS FX (1) does not work on IPad at all.

  • Thanks for the update, because all PG apps are working well on iOS 14 (iPad Pro 12.9 & iPhone 11) now.

  • Today’s update for BIAS FX (1) royally messed up the app for both iPad and iPhone running iOS 12 or 13. Majority of custom amps that were downloaded from the cloud show missing icons or crash the app. If the last preset that was used during the last time the app ran contained one of these amps, the app will crash the next time you start it up. Lots of my presets contain custom amps so this update wreaks so e serious havoc. Not sure where i can leave a bug report, the contact request form doesn’t appear to cover reporting bugs, or at least i can’t find where to report one through the website.
    Very frustrating situation. Everything worked fine for the longest time until this most recent update. Yikes!

  • @mike Has PG released an update to Spark App that works with iOS 14? I've been waiting to upgrade (and take advantage of new privacy features) iOS until I hear the Spark App has been updated successfully.


  • @stanleyford Google Play store says the Android App was updated 5 October but doesn't say much about what was actually tampered with. Won't say fixed since the last update made it worse rather than better. May want to check in the Apple store for an update as well. The only way I found it was going and checking; there was no notification that I'm aware of.