Even out the volume levels Bias head

  • Hi, I'm a new bias head owner. I will have the patches at the same output levels. Shall have a gig in the next month and would like to switch between different sounds, so what should I do?
    BR, David

  • I have been fighting with this as well. I have it close by adjusting the "MASTER" then saving the preset with the new master level. Ideally I wish that I could add an Expression pedal and assign it to the output level.

  • My first step in evening out volume is to go to the Transformer menu and adjust (usually raise) the output. Then I go to the Master after getting the sound I want from the Power amp gain.
    That should get you in the ball park.
    I agree- you don't want to be distracted by uneven volumes when you switch amps- it defeats the purpose of having (maybe too much) versatility available.
    I also try really hard to limit the amps to 2 or 3 per gig and even that is probably indulgent given few of us ever carted those extra hardware valve amps to a job.
    Spoilt for choice!
    Hope this helps