Anyone getting the Spark bag?

  • Like many others, our orders included the carrying bag which obviously are having supply issues. Has anyone received their bag yet?

  • A friend and I both ordered Spark+bag option last November, both of us received in April. One box arrived that had both Spark amp in its box and the bag in another box.

    Like you mention, looks like the bags had limited supply and a lot of people received the amp but are still waiting on the bag.

  • Been waiting since May. I have submitted tickets and followed up multiple times only to be told it would ship in late September.... not sure what the consider late. The last update echoed the party lie about shipping most in August with rest in September or October. Guess we're part of "the rest" since I still don't even have a tracking number or indication that it may happen eventually.

  • @cmcwillieb thanks .. yes I received my amp in early Sep and received the same "Sep or Oct " time frame for shipment of bag to Canada.

  • Going on two months since I ordered the Amp/Bag combo. I got the amp within 3wks but still no bag. I'm sure it will arrive anytime within the next 1-52 weeks.

  • @mig

    • I ordered TWO Spark Amplifiers and TWO bags in early July.
      I received the amplifiers a day apart after a three week wait....BUT...
      Still waiting on the bags promised in September, and it's now a week into October...

  • Response from PG on 10/1/2020:

    "Due to the lack of bag inventory and the jam at the port currently, the shipment is now postponed to mid - October I'm afraid."

    Later the same day after my flame-thrower response:

    "We're informed that we will have 3000 bags arrived on 10/8 and 7000 bags on 10/18,

    We're doing everything to expedite the bag shipments and we will keep you updated via email with the tracking info."

    In other words, more BS excuses and lack of ability to fulfill pre-paid orders. I've been waiting since May (east coast USA) and I'm sure some have waited longer.

    This company is completely lacking in integrity. No notice was provided regarding any "port backup" and the date on the last notice regarding the bags automatically reflects the current day as the day it was updated when in fact the message is around two months old. That is the one saying:

    "U.S. & Canada Purchasers - Most customers will receive their Spark bags in August, with the remainder in September and October. Most PreSonus headphones will ship in September, with the remainder in October. We do apologize for any inconvenience as we work to fulfill these items."

    It currently states that it was updated an hour and ten minutes ago. That's the company we're dealing with. I was reading the Better Business Bureau complaints and it's more of the same. Debating whether to add to the growing list.

  • I've not received mine either. Hopefully one of those two shipments will be in my future. I bought the Spark Amp and Bag at the same time - had my Amp for a month or so now.

  • I believe my bag is on FedEx truck for delivery today (shipped Thursday). Ordered in May. I have known of my amp and bag deliveries the same way, FedEx sent me an email. Does not know what comes in that delivery, but it is coming from the same place as the Spark, and its weight is only 2 lbs., so I am pretty sure it is the bag.

  • @jdonato My bag is in the hands of FedEx, expected to be delivered this coming Thursday.

  • Received notification last week that I had a FEDEX package coming from Industry CA with expected delivery Wednesday. I saw on Import Genius that they received shipments in August, September, and October with bags included. This morning I received notification from PG that the status of my order had changed to shipped. So May to October to receive the bag. Received two amps and three Power Supplies in the interim. I'll be very happy to be done with Positive Grid.

    Update: Bag received this morning. It actually seems to be decent quality. Only 4.5 months from the time I placed my order in May. I had never heard of Positive Grid until I heard someone mention the Spark Amp. They have forever discredited their reputation in my eyes, through their poor communication and lack of HONEST customer support. The products that I eventually received are fine but I could never recommend them to anyone without a huge asterisk regarding the lack of integrity demonstrated throughout the roll out of this product. I will take my business to Sweetwater and avoid PG whenever possible. I can't imagine a situation outside of a warranty issue that would compel me to deal with them again.