Hell yeah!

  • I recently started using Bias and I'm totally sold to both FX and Amp! One thing, though, I was missing a dedicated forum. Great to see one coming up now, good work PG!

    Big thanks to everyone at PG for the wonderful software and your dedication towards your customers.


  • Agree. Been looking for a place to share tips and hear what other folks are doing. It is great to have a PG-only area. I am in on all the desktop and mobile software products. I use other stuff too but really have been digging the compatibility between the two platforms.

  • Looking forward to hearing everyone’s presets and tips and tricks.
    -Dan Bieranowski

  • So glad to see a forum. Kind of weird being the first ones here

  • I asked them about it early in the year, saying I might make my own if they didn't. They said, maybe later in the year. And I was thinking about it in the last month....but my spider-sense said to hold fast. And here we are.....

  • Hi to all and agreed! Looking forward to discuss all things BIAS and tone!