Recording Digital Out or Headphone

  • Just wondering what some of you are using for recording from your Spark.

  • I'm recording USB out from my spark, into my powered USB hub, which is connected to my 6th generation iPad into Garageband. I definitely have an issue with latency when using the Spark speakers to monitor, but it resolves when I monitor with headphones using the Spark headphones output.

    Alternatively, I believe I can output from the Spark amp directly into my M-Audio audio interface and record that way, but I haven't tried that yet.

    Just a tip for people recording: you need to play with the amp's gain (either physically with the amp's physical gain knob or just use the app to adjust the gain on the digital amp), and also the volume- and to some extent the tone- on your guitar to dial in the right amount of gain in order to achieve the right level for the recording. I've read some people are trying to record and aren't able to hear their guitar, or it's barely audible. I'm almost certain this has to do with the gain level from the amp/guitar, at least much of the time

  • Yes, I typically use the USB out into my iPad. I find the signal lower than the virtual instruments in GarageBand, but that was also the case when I used my Vox Adio as well.

  • @valascia Yes, same. However, once I adjust the level appropriately the recorded sounds sound great!

  • Im using the USB out with the Asio driver on my pc into My AW, either Reaper or Studio One 5 Artist. Buffer set at 256 and safe mode checked gets me a solid recording with on 7 to 8 ms latency. Turn volume master off on amp and control monitoring/output with the DAW

  • @nwfungi Oh, I haven't tried turning amp volume off and monitoring solely through DAW. I'll try that, thanks!