Bias FX not working iOS14

  • Hey Positive Grid ...The Bias FX app is no longer working since the iOS 14 upgrade that Apple shoved down our throats.
    I just purchased more addons recently paying your company more hard earned money for the app and am very angry and frustrated that the app has stopped working and you guys dont even post what you are doing about it ..C'mon guys for a software company (as well as a hardware company) this is not very professional. There is nothing on your site or on your Facebook or on the app store etc.
    I demand an answer and update what you are doing about this...
    Customer Service can make or break a company and you guys keep faltering...another eg. is I have a Spark amp and have the bad ungrounded power supply and had been waiting weeks for a reply to my emails after sending a video showing the fault...You do realize that communication could keep you guys from so many problems dont you?

    Anyhow please advise what you are doing about Bias FX and iOS 14...and maybe post it somewhere that your 'VALUED' customers might see and understand...
    I wonder if you guys even read this stuff?

  • JamUp Pro has the same issue. I informed that in support but have no answer yet. I hope the issue is solved, because although I have Bias FX2, I still use FX, because I use a lot of presets with Celestion cabs and haven’t translated them to FX2 yet. And I need my presets, of course. If I lose them, I go better walking to the Moon.

  • Dam... really Jamup too?...hadnt checked as was so pissed about BiasFX...and of course I paid for Jam upgrade too...they better get on this... tho their response times for Spark are infuriating at best...this is going to start a ripple effect of people not trusting Positive Grid...I really wish they would just communicate somewhere better as this would at least make you feel they care and are doing something about our problems...

  • They arelooking into it:

    Positive Grid Inc
    'Hi there, we are really sorry for the inconvenience. We already looking into it. Please wait for our next update for fixing this issue. Thank you for your support.'

  • @ericjklok They were "Looking into this" implementing the promised Celestion on FX2, since March, and nothing. PG has probably 99% of the Devs working on some other money grab, and will put some high school coder from the other side of the word to fix this.