Just received my amp and am very confused where to start

  • Hi gang, I just got my amp and am having some issues with the software. I used QR code to register amp and it wouldn't accept it but eventually it sent an email with a code to PreSonus Prime but no download link so when I went to PteSonus site it said the software was free and it sent me a new different code when I downloaded the software. Is that business card just advertising the same thing or did I miss out on something that is not free?
    Also in the Spark app (looks amazing) the last tab on bottom right is to log into cloud to share amp profiles but even when the "burger" menu on top right says I'm logged in the whole page is blank with a button in middle still asking me to log in. Is this a know bug or have I done something wrong when amp is on the "tap" button constantly flashes, is that normal or trying to tell me something?
    Lastly, where do you recommend I start as there is so much stuff?
    I think I saw a link to a complete manual which I will look at once I know I've set up amp and account correctly.
    Thanks heaps.

  • @darkbunglex Recommend checking out the FAQs for the Spark amp; https://help.positivegrid.com/hc/en-us/categories/360002263432
    I initially had trouble downloading Presonus but after submitting a ticket, PG got it loaded for me. I don't use it at the moment so can't help much with that.
    The Tap Tuner button flashes; no issue there. The presets only flash if you change a setting.
    Not sure what your referring to regarding the last tab on the bottom right. For me it is the profile button which will display your "Recently Played" and "Liked" songs or "Jam Tracks." Once you select something from the music tab or download and play something, it will show up here.
    Where to start; I suggest spending a few minutes checking out the various Amps and presets, then go to the Music tab and see if there is anything you like. Jam along with and noodle over a couple songs, then download a few Jam Tracks to play over. If your an experienced player you'll likely want to explore tones from the Tonecloud or start creating your own. There is definitely enough to keep you exploring for a while. The link I provided above will get you started and you'll get tons of ideas from there. The main thing is just to have fun with it!

  • @darkbunglex You don't actually need a code anymore to download PreSonus' Studio One Prime. Earlier in the year, Studio One Prime 5 was new and PreSonus didn't have it setup for general download, so it required a hardware partner's code -- but now it is setup in their store for general download, so anyone can just setup an account on the PreSonus site and then download it from their store. You have to "purchase" it through a regular shopping cart, but the price is free, so it doesn't require a credit card or anything, and it will automatically add the download link to your account upon checkout:

  • @cmcwillieb Heya, wasn't logged in when I first read reply, then got sick and forgot. Just wanna say thx for clearing up most of my issues at the beginning. It was a great help.

  • @blueingreen Heya, wasn't logged in when I first read reply, then got sick and forgot. Just wanna say thx for explaining what was going on with the software. It clarified what was a bizarre experience lol. Cheers