Bias Amp 2 & Bias FX - Tonecloud's Preview Function generates no sound

  • I'm trying to use the Preview function in Tonecloud, from both Bias Amp 2 & Bias FX. Preview says it's playing, but generates no sound, except sometime generating a click or popping sound when I hit stop. I'm using an iMac running High Sierra. I've tried sending output to Internal Speaker & Airplay to my Apple TV. They both fail the same way. Both work just fine from other apps. Apple TV recognizes the Airplay connection properly. I've tried using Preview after selecting players from the 100 sounds (?) feature & get the same symptoms.

    Any suggestions for resolving this problem?



  • Hasn't in my experience. Maybe it's supposed to play a track in your, then it wouldn't make sense in the Standalone.

  • This post is deleted!