Backing track audio coming through on mobile device

  • Followed all of the steps in the Help Guide, still having same issues. Anyone else having this problem? Recommendations would be appreciated.


  • @dracolay2k The problem may vary depending on whether your using iOS or Android but, it usually comes down to ensuring your device is connecting to Bluetooth Audio as well as BLE. Some have experienced issues with connecting to the audio channel. Disconnect/forget the Spark Bluetooth on your device and then try reconnecting to the audio channel.

  • Spark Audio in the bluetooth settings ended up being the fix for this. It took a reboot of the amp and device to get it to show up. I probably would have picked up on that had I done a little more due diligence going through the forums before posting, but the search feature on this forum is a little weak.

    Thanks for the reply, this one is resolved. if you're running iOS Spark BLE and Spark Audio 40 should both be appearing in available devices in the Bluetooth setting. It looks like BLE sends the settings to the amp but the audio comes via a different connection.