Spark with Mic Input and Bluetooth Paired with Tablet for Zoom Meeting

  • I posted this on the Reddit group... but just found this forum. I have a unique application that, if the Spark solves the problem, would get me to purchase the amp earlier than I planned.

    The Spark is on my Christmas list – but I’ve got a situation that might move it up to get the 10% off. Got a group of people that meet in person with another remote group using one of the virtual meeting software apps. I’ve got a Bluetooth speaker that has an internal microphone that I’ve paired with my Android tablet… it barely works – just not enough sound and the microphone is in the front of the thing so the person speaking gets blasted and the other folks barely hear.

    Wondering if I can attach a 1/8” TRRS plug lapel microphone to the Spark, have the speakers face the crowd and pair the Spark with my tablet for a meeting?

    What is the configuration of the 1/8” input jack?

    Yeah, specific application… but would be super helpful.
    Anyone do something similar?