Bias fx sound cutting off need help please.

  • For some reason bias fx is cutting off and the notes don’t ring out for more then 30 seconds they cut off and the sound cuts off with a crackling noise before cutting off it sounds really bad, I downloaded th3 overload Another plugin and it doesn’t do this, the notes ring out and cut off like a real amp would?

    Is this something bias fx does or did is my setup bad? I have a focusrite rite 2i2 3rd gen and i made sure to put the audio on asio but it still does the crackling noise when the notes ring out for too long.

  • @nujabes_23 Crackling is generally caused by the ASIO driver's buffer size being to low. Generally, tones with higher gain and more effects are more susceptible to buffer crackling, so you can get different behaviors between two tones within the same plugin, let alone between two plugins (each plugin also has different levels of latency).

    So if this is a buffer size issue, and you want to not have any crackling anywhere, then you essentially have to set the buffer size according to the worst-case-scenario preset. For me in BIAS-FX, it is the "Skyline" factory preset (this one will crackle while other presets are fine), so I always test my buffer size setting against this. In any case, a good starting point for buffer size is 256, and you can lower it from there until encountering crackling. If already at 256, then you may need 512 -- everyone's system is different, so there is no one correct setting.

    What's more, added software layers can add overhead. In the past, I've sometimes had to set the buffer size for a DAW using the BIAS plugin to 256, while BIAS standalone worked fine at 128.

    I don't quite understand the 30 seconds thing, and whether you're referring to sustain? Comparing sustain between two presets in two different plugins is not really apple-to-apples. You will always get different sustain levels across different presets based on different effects used, even within the same plugin. In any case, notes being cut-off prematurely is usually an issue with the Noise Gate pedal/effect, so you can try tuning-down the Noise Gate, or turn it off altogether.

  • @blueingreen i tried a different plugin called TH-U overloud and it sounds fine even with crazy distortion. Guess it’s just a bias thing.

  • @nujabes_23

    One other thing to check in BIAS is your "Output Settings", which is at the bottom of the main BIAS window. If this is already switched "Off", then it doesn't matter. But if this is switched "On", then try switching it "Off", which simply runs the Output Settings in their defaults (switching it "On" simply allows you to override the defaults, and maybe something got changed that is messing-up the sound).

    As for sustain, many BIAS presets are overly aggressive with noise gating, which I actually complained to them in a survey sent to me after purchase -- but this is a per-preset issue (not plugin-wide), and it is fixed by tweaking or disabling the noise gate in the preset, and then saving it as a new tone. Or, I just prefer creating my own tones anyway, since I've never found factory presets to be all that great in most plugins (except S-GEAR).